Jensen and Jared meet and greet highlights, NjCon 2014 (x)

Someone asked how Jensen achieves a work/life balance. It’s difficult for him being away from family so much, but his wife understands, and someday it will all be gone, so he’s taking advantage of it now and trying to be as present as he can for family and friends. He knows there are many families who are separated by work and distance at times, and everyone just tries to make the best of it.

Jensen was asked the same question as Jared regarding how being adored by so many fans may have changed him. For Jensen, it’s not about ego; He feels grateful to be able to bring people joy. He mentioned that right at NJ con a fan had looked directly at him saying “I’m so happy,” and he said it meant the world to him. When he said that, he put his hand on his heart. Interestingly, when a fan said something very moving during Jared’s Meet and Greet, Jared did the same thing - he put his hand over his heart as he spoke to the fan. That body language coming from both Jared and Jensen says something regarding how they feel about their fans.

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Hannah Natali Art Show on Adoring Ackles

— JerseyCon 2014 - J2 SUNDAY!!! —


New Jersey/NYC is Eastern Standard Time

10:00am - 10:30am  - J2 Breakfast Panel (7am LA, 4pm Paris, 11pm Tokyo) 

3:05pm - Jensen & Jared BIG Panel (12:05pm LA, 9:05pm Paris, 4:05am Tokyo )

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Jensen & Danneel Ackles on Twitter ♥

Be sure to follow Jensen on his new twitter account! :)

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Ackles Alphabet
I is for interviews


Jensen & Danneel Ackles following eachother on twitter ♥

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@JensenAckles & @DanneelHarris' first tweets.

Jensen Joins Twitter!!

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Jensen featured in Harper’s Bazaar China
Link to images and translated interview.

Jensen to be featured in Harper’s Bazaar China

UPDATE: Picture with Jensen and the crew! Cannot wait to see this shoot!